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  • Westervelt, Johnson, Nicoll & Keller LLC
  • Westervelt, Johnson, Nicoll & Keller LLC

Historic Peoria Law Firm Helps Businesses Overcome Legal Obstacles

Accomplished attorneys assisting with litigation, property and estate matters

For more than a century, Westervelt, Johnson, Nicoll & Keller, LLC has counseled businesses on the legal challenges that accompany their commercial interests. We represent various Illinois firms in litigation, contract and real estate matters. For labor and employment claims, we represent management exclusively. This focus allows us to provide reliable advice tailored to the specific needs of employers and to build loyalty with our clients. As the longest continuously active law firm in Peoria, we take great pride in continuing our legacy of exemplary service to those who live and work in central Illinois.

Experienced lawyers dedicated to helping clients plan for the future

Westervelt, Johnson, Nicoll & Keller has endured since the end of the Civil War not only because of our respected legal work, but also because of our commitment to responsive service and community improvement. Our clients can count on attorneys who are:

  • Established leaders — The roots of our firm date to 1865, when it was founded by Alexander McCoy and John S. Stevens. Mr. Stevens represented many prominent business and financial institutions of the time. Mr. McCoy was a sponsor of the Illinois House motion that ratified the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which abolished slavery. More than 150 years later, our attorneys continue to serve as leaders in the community and members of local professional organizations.
  • Visionary advisors who see the big picture — Our firm has thrived for so long because we have always looked ahead with the best interests of our clients in mind. We know that even the most bitter disputes eventually end, so we aim for a result that doesn’t just win the day but contributes to your long-term success.
  • Proactive counsel serving a business’s continuing needs — Though we are skilled litigators, we know that court is often not the best option for your company. That’s why we work to build ongoing relationships with our clients so that we can anticipate and avert problems. This provides a better, more cost-effective experience than assisting only after a legal dispute arises.

The firm members are justly proud of our strong reputation and history and equally committed to upholding and enhancing that legacy with each client we represent.

Representing Illinois clients for more than a century in several areas of law

Our attorneys vigorously work to protect the rights and property of businesses and individuals in several types of legal matters, including:

  • Labor and employment — We provide management with comprehensive labor and employment representation, including union negotiations, discrimination lawsuit defense and reviews of policies and procedures.
  • Civil litigation — For various civil litigation matters, we seek the best possible results for clients through whatever means is available. When possible, we look to achieve your goals without the time and expense of a trial.
  • Real estate — Concerns about real estate are paramount for individuals and businesses. We provide a range of legal support no matter what type of property is at stake.
  • Financial institutions law — We assist financial institutions such as banks and credit unions with regulatory compliance, bankruptcy adjudication and creditor litigation.
  • Trusts and estates — Our trusts and estates attorneys can explain all available options to protect and distribute your assets.
  • Family law—Our experienced family law attorneys can explain the nuances of parental decision making and parenting time, formerly known as custody and visitation, and work with you to handle your case. With such intimate issues at stake, it is important to have an experienced attorney to navigate this process with you.
  • Utility & Energy law –  Our utility & energy law  attorneys have significant experience in regulatory proceedings and matters before the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), in most instances involving the Public Utilities Act. From advising clients about compliance with applicable statutory requirements and regulations, and providing assistance in obtaining regulatory approvals, to representing clients in contested cases before the ICC, we have broad experience in matters involving regulation of retail electricity, electric transmission, renewable energy, natural gas, water, wastewater, telecommunications, and oil and gas pipelines.

For any of these areas, you can rely on our firm to provide professional legal support and a commitment to improving your situation.

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