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Westervelt, Johnson, Nicoll & Keller, LLC serves many businesses threatened by litigation. We are accomplished trial advocates, but our focus is on achieving the best possible outcome in the most efficient manner. If negotiation, mediation or arbitration is a better option in your situation, we will pursue justice in those venues with the same diligence and vigor that we bring to trial. Should a trial be the best option, our skilled attorneys and staff have decades of experience gathering and presenting evidence and asserting your legal claims.

Illinois business litigation attorneys combating common allegations

Our experienced attorneys have handled a wide range of litigation cases, including these common complaints brought against our clients:

  • Property damage disputes — Conflicts among neighbors, accidents, or misconduct such as vandalism can end up in court. We have the investigative and litigation experience to find and hold the proper parties accountable.
  • Products liability defense — When individuals are injured, they often seek to blame a faulty device or product. We understand the legal obligations of manufacturers, and we work to help put the responsibility where it belongs.

For these and other civil disputes, we gather all relevant information and present you with a comprehensive evaluation of your options going forward.

Protecting clients’ rights in breach of contract cases

For any type of contract dispute, our attorneys can provide the detailed analysis necessary to help enforce your firm’s rights. Whether you have been accused of violating a contract term or are seeking to hold another party to their obligation, we will provide a complete evaluation of the law and each party’s duties.

Investigating and litigating complex construction litigation matters

Any accident occurring on potentially unsafe premises can implicate numerous firms and individuals. Plaintiffs’ attorneys often include any architect, designer, engineer and contractor connected to the site in a suit in the hopes that someone will pay. Our attorneys with Westervelt, Johnson, Nicoll & Keller have the experience and local knowledge to investigate exactly where the fault lies so that your business is not improperly included.

Skilled advocacy in disputes over insurance coverage

Insurance policies designed to protect businesses often don’t function that way when a claim is made. Insurers can be reluctant to pay, even when their obligation is clear. If the process becomes difficult, our attorneys can handle the necessary technical requirements and advocate for you if insurers try to evade their responsibility under the policy. We can also evaluate your current coverage to see if any holes exist that might prove costly if you need to make a claim.

Defending businesses from personal injury claims

Many people who hurt themselves seek to pin the blame on businesses in order to maximize their potential recovery. We defend companies facing such situations to help ensure that the proper parties are held liable. Litigation costs and related charges, such as increased insurance premiums, can erode the profitability of a successful company. We have the background to fight these lawsuits aggressively to deliver a positive outcome.

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