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For both individuals and businesses, real estate is often the largest and most important investment they will ever make. Westervelt, Johnson, Nicoll & Keller, LLC handles all types of residential and commercial real estate matters with the diligence required to avoid common pitfalls. We understand the high stakes and pressure that can accompany these situations and work to guide you through the process with as little stress and expense as possible.

Reliable counsel for eminent domain proceedings

Westervelt, Johnson, Nicoll & Keller has significant experience in cases of eminent domain. Though this process transfers land ownership for the public good, such as enabling power or transportation lines to be constructed, it can be an arduous process. Illinois eminent domain law requires the following:

  • Public purpose or necessity — Eminent domain is not available unless a strong public benefit can be demonstrated. We can build a compelling case concerning the impact on the community.
  • Fair compensation — Though parties often differ wildly on what constitutes proper payment, we can marshal a wealth of local information to help reach a mutually acceptable price.
  • Condemnation hearing — Landowners are entitled to a public forum before their property is condemned in furtherance of community goals. We present our clients’ case in a thorough, authoritative manner.

Eminent domain proceedings often come with high emotion and negative publicity, so it is important to hire an experienced law firm with a strong reputation in the community.

Advising on the legal requirements of foreclosure litigation

Bringing a foreclosure lawsuit triggers a series of steps that must be met in order to complete the transaction. Westervelt, Johnson, Nicoll & Keller can set the calendar for you so that notices, complaints, sale and redemption documents are all prepared and filed on a timely basis. One mistake can set the process back significantly, so knowledgeable attorneys are vital to enforcing your rights in as prompt a manner as possible.

Determined representation for landlord- tenant disputes

Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, lease disputes can create a great deal of stress. If you have property to rent, we can show you what disclosures are required and how to draft a lease agreement that places appropriate responsibility with the renter if your property is damaged. Our attorneys also represent lessees in lease negotiations, disputes over property conditions and security-deposit matters. Commercial leases are often complex and subject to numerous contingencies, so before executing such an important document, you need the peace of mind that only a trusted adviser can provide.

Experienced negotiators of real estate agreements

Over more than a century, our firm has handled every type of real property transaction. Whether the parcel involved is residential, commercial or agricultural, we focus on each client’s needs and draft an agreement that satisfies them as completely as possible. In every negotiation, our clients benefit from our unsurpassed local experience and determination to secure the best deal possible.

Assisting land purchasers and sellers with title disputes

Questions about title ownership sometimes date back several generations. With more than 150 years serving residents of central Illinois, we have the background to root out any issue and present the strongest possible claim supporting your ownership. Our attorneys can also find the necessary information to answer your questions about related issues such as easements and boundary line disputes.

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